• What is the SMC compression molding process?

    What is the SMC compression molding process?

    Thermoset materials exhibit excellent physical properties when molded. Compression molding is the most common choice for high-volume composite parts, usually associated with SMC (Sheet moulding compounds) and BMC (Bulk moulding compounds) materials. Structural parts molded from BMC or SMC can be a g... read more

    Mar 04,2022 News
  • LFT (Long fiber thermoplastic) mold

    LFT (Long fiber thermoplastic) mold

    LFT is a long fiber reinforced thermoplastic material, which is Long fiber thermoplastic in English. It belongs to a thermoplastic, which is compared with ordinary fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials. Typically, fiber reinforced thermoplastics have fiber lengths of less than 1 mm, while in LFT ... read more

    Feb 24,2022 News
  • What are the characteristics of BMC injection products?

    What are the characteristics of BMC injection products?

    With the development trend of the sales market, the application scope of BMC injection products is constantly developing at this stage. In contrast, BMC injection products have many advantages. They not only have excellent electrical equipment performance, mechanical equipment performance, temperatu... read more

    Feb 19,2022 News
  • What is bmc mold?

    What is bmc mold?

    bmc mold is known as the dark horse of the pipeline industry. I don't know when BMC molds were widely used in large and small projects across the country, competing with traditional PVC power tubes and MPP power tubes. All electrical designers, builders, owners, etc. Those with a solid knowledge of ... read more

    Feb 09,2022 News
  • LFT processing technology

    LFT processing technology

    The fiber length of LFT varies with the processing technology. Impact properties are particularly dependent on fiber length, so the compression molding process is significantly better than injection molding in terms of mechanical properties. Generally, fibers that are on average about 5 to 20 mm lon... read more

    Jan 27,2022 News
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