Introduction to the machining method of BMC material products


For BMC molded products, some problems such as burrs us […]

For BMC molded products, some problems such as burrs usually occur and must be further processed. If it is a small amount of thin burrs, it can be removed by ordinary hand-made methods. Most of the sturdy burrs, the processing and repair of holes, and the repair of goods must be processed by mechanical equipment.
For the further processing of BMC raw material formed products, different methods can be adopted according to the situation.
Generally, BMC raw material products will have heavy burrs, and will look particularly tough due to the existence of long glass fibers. If traditional polyurethane elastomer products such as polishing or mild mechanical equipment are used to remove burrs, then It just doesn't look right. Generally, the burrs around BMC products can be removed by hand or mechanical equipment diamond grinding head method, but the labor efficiency is high and there is a lot of dust. If it is very possible, you can also use irrational or vibrating sand wheel burrs.
The burrs on the periphery of the BMC raw material and the internal thread can be removed according to the processing method of the die press. If it is a relatively small object, you can manually operate the press to carry out the die press posture, remove the side die and remove the burr, and for large and medium-sized complicated parts, especially when the depth of the part is large, a four-column with a smooth stroke arrangement must be used. Hydraulic presses quickly deburr or die punch holes. In some cases, in order to better facilitate the actual operation, the heat treatment process can be carried out on the parts in advance to avoid the tendency of peripheral cracking during the whole process of the die press.
Drilling for BMC raw materials can be performed according to woodworking equipment. If the quantity of goods is small, a simple hand drill can be used. If there are many holes to be processed and the order of holes is complicated, the computer operating system with complete mechanical automation should be considered. The punching process is required to be carried out at a low speed, and the rotation speed is 61-76m/min. In order to better prevent the formation of edge chips, the drilling speed is specified to be faster, and it is generally strongly recommended to use a unique twist drill with a high spiral viewing angle.
For some unique BMC raw material commodities, the excavation and processing technology can be used. The scope of excavation and processing is poor, and it is generally used for small and large batch production. It belongs to the whole process of work with a large amount of smoke and dust, and the main labor efficiency, and the precision of the processing specification is relatively limited. When the continuous processing precision is applicable, the caliper must be used.

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