What are the characteristics of BMC injection products?


With the development trend of the sales market, the app […]

With the development trend of the sales market, the application scope of BMC injection products is constantly developing at this stage. In contrast, BMC injection products have many advantages. They not only have excellent electrical equipment performance, mechanical equipment performance, temperature resistance and solvent corrosion resistance, but also facilitate production and processing.

BMC injection products
It is because of this that BMC injection products have been favored by many customers and received five-star praise. Up to now, such raw materials have been widely used in all walks of life. In addition, in the process of production and processing of such raw materials, the applied BMC injection products are becoming more and more critical.

In order to better consider the production, processing and application regulations of BMC injection products, the applied mold making should also consider the needs of various fields. B is first and foremost dominant. In order to better ensure the closing precision between the die and its core, and avoid potential safety hazards such as displacement, the movable die side of the die must use a cone locating pin instead of a cylindrical locating pin.

Secondly, because the BMC injection product itself has good performance during the molding process, the shrinkage rate caused by it is not large. Therefore, in the process of production and processing, in order to better ensure that the finished product is not deformed or damaged, it is necessary to add injection equipment on both sides of the movable and fixed molds of the mold.
On the third level, because BMC injection products also have excellent flowability, bottom pressure molding should be selected during the molding process. At this time, it should be noted that because the size and appearance of the mold inlet is determined by the product, it is recommended to choose a large inlet to reduce the damage to the finished product.

The last piece of the puzzle is the exhaust pipe. This is because a certain amount of vapor is likely to appear during the molding process. Therefore, BMC injection products should be set with exhaust pipe grooves to avoid problems such as poor filling or welding seams.

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