What is bmc mold?


bmc mold is known as the dark horse of the pipeline ind […]

bmc mold is known as the dark horse of the pipeline industry. I don't know when BMC molds were widely used in large and small projects across the country, competing with traditional PVC power tubes and MPP power tubes. All electrical designers, builders, owners, etc. Those with a solid knowledge of bmc molds are impressed with his appearance and quality.
bmc mold, also known as bmc mold fiber braided cable protection tape, light green, fresh and natural color, bright texture inside and outside the tube. In recent years, BMC mold power pipes have been recognized by more and more people in the industry, and the mayor/market share has continued to expand.
The bmc mold is a new composite pipe, different from the saturated PVC pipe and MPP pipe on the market. The capacity potential of the bmc mold market is huge, and it is in a period of rising development. Its production technology is still cutting-edge, and the industry threshold is high. At present, industry enterprises represented by Guangdong Ordinary FRP Co., Ltd. are producing authentic BMC molds. The new prefabricated full-mold mold of FRP Co., Ltd., the pioneer of prefabricated full-mold molds, utilizes continuous fibers to perfectly perform in-line weaving, winding, and forming processes.
The online full weaving, twisting and extrusion process of continuous fibers realizes the high-quality product performance of BMC molds and becomes the symbol of BMC molds. That is, the pipes that use this entire molding process are Zhenzheng's BMC molds. The "BMC mold" on the market, no matter how similar the appearance is to the advertisement, cannot be called a BMC mold if it does not adopt a molding process.
What is the production process of bmc molds?
The production equipment of bmc mold includes production mold assembly system, mechanical power adjustment system, production weaving system, high temperature curing molding system, pulling and pulling equipment and finished product cutting equipment. These 6 integrated systems constitute the integrated molding process of the BMC mold. The raw materials of BMC mold, high-performance alkali-free glass fiber and resin are pulled through these six integrated systems in the hardened area of ​​the knitted winding area to achieve high-standard and high-quality BMC mold production.
The core of the integral molding process is weaving and cold, high technology content, high automation level, "crack and copy" is not easy. It is correct to judge whether it is an actual BMC mold during the production process.

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