• How to Use a Compression Mould

    How to Use a Compression Mould

    The Compression Mould is a type of moulding process that uses high pressure to shape a polymer. It is usually used for thermosetting polymers, but some composites and elastomers can also be moulded using this process. Compression moulding has a single-plane mold. Parts are typically small, with a se... read more

    Aug 12,2022 News
  • Disadvantages of compression molding

    Disadvantages of compression molding

    (1) The molding cycle in the entire production process is long, the efficiency is low, and it has a large physical consumption on the staff. (2) It is not suitable for compression molding of complex products with depressions, side slopes or small holes. (3) In the production process, it is difficult... read more

    Aug 06,2022 News
  • BMC Mould For Electrical Equipment

    BMC Mould For Electrical Equipment

    If you are in need of an electrical appliance or a machine, a BMC mould may be the best solution. These compounds are formulated to achieve high dielectric strength, tight dimensional control, and excellent flow properties. They are available in a variety of colors. If you are looking for a mold for... read more

    Jul 22,2022 News
  • Thermoset Mold

    Thermoset Mold

    Thermosets can be molded using compression or injection processes. Each process has a different field of application. Injection molding requires a large tooling investment. The material is injected into the mold from a hopper through a hydraulic filler and a screw. The glass fiber filler is chopped ... read more

    Jul 15,2022 News
  • BMC Mould For Electrical Equipment

    BMC Mould For Electrical Equipment

    When looking for a BMC mould for electrical equipment, consider the material it is made of. BMC compounds have several desirable properties. They are flame resistant, dielectric, corrosion-resistant, and have excellent flow characteristics. As a result, BMC is ideally suited for a variety of applica... read more

    Jul 08,2022 News
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