• Thermoset Mold

    Thermoset Mold

    Thermoset molds are an ideal choice for many applications. This type of molding is very durable and is also able to withstand high temperatures. They are a great choice for automobile manufacturers of coatings and adhesives. Thermoset polymers are often used in automotive applications. Thermoset pla... read more

    Sep 15,2022 News
  • LFT Mould

    LFT Mould

    The LFT Mould is designed for high-volume injection moulding applications. Designed with accuracy and consistency in mind, it offers excellent shot precision and consistency. Its first-in-first-out melt transfer principle enables the correct shot dosing. Furthermore, the plunger injection unit requi... read more

    Sep 08,2022 News
  • What are the factors to consider when buying a car battery cover mold?

    What are the factors to consider when buying a car battery cover mold?

    Buying a new car battery cover mold may seem like a daunting task, but you need to consider some important factors. The first factor is the warranty. Some molds are available for life and some are only good for a year. If you buy the mold from a reputable manufacturer, it is likely to be covered und... read more

    Sep 02,2022 News
  • Introduction of SMC mold

    Introduction of SMC mold

    You may be wondering what SMC Mould is. The name suggests that it is a ready-to-mold material. It is made from glass-fiber reinforced polyester and is primarily used for compression molding. It is supplied in rolls that weigh several thousand kilograms. This material can be used for a wide range of ... read more

    Aug 25,2022 News


    When choosing an AIR DEFLECTOR MOULD for your truck, consider the type of vehicle you're trying to manufacture. If you need to improve aerodynamic efficiency, an air deflector will make a big difference. Truck top air deflectors increase efficiency and reduce drag, while cab extenders make the space... read more

    Aug 19,2022 News
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