Disadvantages of compression molding


(1) The molding cycle in the entire production process […]

(1) The molding cycle in the entire production process is long, the efficiency is low, and it has a large physical consumption on the staff.
(2) It is not suitable for compression molding of complex products with depressions, side slopes or small holes.
(3) In the production process, it is difficult to fully fill the mold, and there are certain technical requirements.
(4) After the curing stage, different products have different stiffnesses, which have an impact on product performance.
(5) For products with high dimensional accuracy requirements (especially for multi-cavity molds), this process is somewhat short-handed.
(6) The flash edge of the final product is thick, and the workload of removing the flash edge is large.
(7) The disadvantage of compression molding is that the mold manufacturing is complicated, the investment is large, and it is limited by the press, so it is most suitable for mass production of small and medium-sized composite products.


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