Why is the production time of bmc molds so long?


Bmc mold design has high availability, good mechanical […]

Bmc mold design has high availability, good mechanical properties, good heat treatment and tempering properties, high forging production efficiency, higher than traditional molds, and high-precision specifications. The various properties of bmc molds make it not unique. It takes about 25-35 days to produce bmc molds, so we can see where the time is.

Part of the production of bmc molds is the design work. When designing a BMC mold, in addition to carrying out the design according to the customer's requirements, several aspects such as the mold inlet and riser, mold shortcomings, mold specifications and mechanical properties should also be considered. All key points of mold design are very important. , Endanger the quality and performance of the mold, so most of the time is spent on the design of the bmc mold.

The material of the Bmc mold will also harm the performance of the bmc mold. It is not only necessary to select the material to make the BMC mold based on the total number of order information of the casting, but also to see whether the BMC mold made of that type of material is worse than estimated. It is necessary to select materials that harm the actual effect of the mold as little as possible to produce the mold.

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