The bmc mold is not prone to deformation and deflection


The bmc mold used by the bmc mold of the bmc mold produ […]

The bmc mold used by the bmc mold of the bmc mold product is a single-wall closed bmc mold, and the product contour is obtained, but the internal contour of the product cannot be the key point. Generally, carbon steel plates are generally used as raw materials for bmc mold forming. Electric welding welding bmc molds are low-cost, especially suitable for large and medium-sized rotating plastic products. Bmc mold technology has the following basic requirements for bmc mold
In the whole process of continuous heating and cooling, the bmc mold is not easy to deform and bend.
The bmc mold should be equipped with a clamping mechanism that is easy to release, so that the bmc mold can be closed closely during the whole process of heating and cooling, and it can be easily opened when the product must be unloaded and loaded.
The design scheme and installation should be beneficial to the relative velocity of the surrounding gas on the surface of the bmc mold, so that the bmc mold can be heated and cooled symmetrically.
The bmc mold should show ventilation ducts to prevent the vapor in the bmc mold from being heated and swelled, and then squeeze and melt the plastic along the closed joint of the bmc mold during the whole heating process, so as to avoid the bmc mold and the product in the whole process of cooling Negative pressure deformation caused by in.
Because the powdery raw material cannot cover the surface of the structure, when designing the partial structure of the bmc mold, it is necessary to prevent deep cavities and perforations, as well as structures such as reinforcing ribs and solid protrusions.
Plastic bmc molds are under great pressure during most of the whole process of bmc mold molding, such as injection molding, injection molding machine, extrusion molding, injection molding, etc. They are widely used. Therefore, when using this molding technology to produce large and medium-sized plastic parts, bixu not only uses bmc molds that can withstand large working pressures, but also makes the bmc molds complicated. The plastic molding machinery and equipment are designed and manufactured by bixu, and the mechanical equipment is bmc mold production. The difficulty coefficient of processing, production and manufacturing has been relatively increased, and the cost has risen. Conversely, because bmc mold technology only needs the compressive strength of the structure to support the net weight of the raw materials, the bmc mold and the structure itself, and the closing force of the bmc mold to avoid the leakage of raw materials, even for large, medium and extra large plastic parts bmc Molds do not need to use very heavy machinery and equipment and bmc molds. The production, processing, and manufacturing of mechanical equipment bmc molds is very convenient, with short manufacturing cycle time and low cost. Theoretically, there is basically no limit to the specifications of parts formed by bmc mold technology. However, it is unlikely to use this injection molding machine and equipment.

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