Cooling method of bmc mold


In the whole process of bmc, the high-temperature metal […]

In the whole process of bmc, the high-temperature metal material aqueous solution is pressed into the mold cavity, and the mold cavity is cooled according to the heat exchanger with the mold. The bmc mold should digest and absorb the heat generated by the aqueous solution of high-temperature metal materials, and remove the heat from the bmc machine according to the indoor space. Generally speaking, the calorific value of digestion and absorption exceeds the natural exhaust heat, so the mold temperature will slowly rise along with the whole process of bmc. If the mold temperature is too high, it will endanger the quality of the casting and the service life of the mold. In order to better produce all normal bmc, the mold temperature is mostly stable.

Common cooling methods are: increasing the BMC cycle time, spraying a release agent or coolant, or opening a cooling safety channel in the mold, and cooling with cooling water. Increasing the BMC cycle time will reduce the cost and high efficiency, and the actual effect of spraying the film release agent or coolant is relatively limited. Therefore, water-cooled heat dissipation has long become a key method of mold cooling.

Nowadays, the key to the operation method of the cooling pipe is specified cooling, linear cooling and circulating system control loop cooling. Generally speaking, the inlet of the casting, the separating cone, the core pulling and the parts with thicker wall thickness adopt specified cooling, while the overall mold cooling mostly adopts linear and circulating system cooling. For mold core pins, the cooling method is based on the specified cooling method of high pressure cooling circulating water. The utility model patent is based on high-pressure cooling circulating water. The bmc mold has the advantages of simple structure, very good cooling effect, low production cost, convenient production, processing, and maintenance. After mold inspection, the actual effect of temperature gradient direction adjustment is very good, and adjustments can be added anytime and anywhere. The distance between the cooling point and the surface layer of the mold cavity can be manipulated reasonably, and the mold temperature can be manipulated reasonably.

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