Types and characteristics of bmc molds


Today, China's bmc commodity industry has a rapid devel […]

Today, China's bmc commodity industry has a rapid development plan, and the types and production of bmc products continue to increase. Because of the continuous improvement of production line equipment and processing technology, the design plan of bmc mold production has changed from traditional work experience design plan to basic theoretical calculation design plan. The level and complexity of mold production and manufacturing are increasing day by day, and it is gradually turning to automation technology. The development trend of precision and long life.
According to its mold structure and product production process, Bmc molds are divided into four general types, namely injection molding machine molds, casting molds, injection molds and extrusion molding molds. In addition, bmc molds include special-purpose bmc mold products, such as inflatable molds, prepreg molds, etc.
1. Compression mold
Compression molds are also called general compression molds. The production and processing method is to process a certain semi-finished product of the bmc material into the compression mold immediately, and then enter the tablet vulcanizer to carry out compression and heating.
The utility model patented mold has simple structure, strong practicability, wide application field, and simple actual operation, and it has a key influence in bmc forming products.
2. Die casting mold
Die-casting molds are also called migration molds or extrusion molds. The production and processing methods are as follows: put the simple compound semi-finished product processed vulcanized rubber into the die-casting mold cavity, extrude the vulcanized rubber with an aluminum die-cast plug body, and make the vulcanized rubber vulcanized by the pouring system software Stereotyped.
Features: Relative to general molds, the production and processing of die-casting molds is more complicated. High-density, high-quality products can be obtained by using this mold, but it is not suitable for thin-walled, long, thin, and flexible products.
Three, injection mold
The injection molding process has high mold efficiency and faster speed. The heated vulcanized rubber is injection molded and dried in the mold by using the pouring system software.
The structure is cumbersome, the production efficiency is high, the quality is stable, and the automatic production is selected. Suitable for large-capacity, thick-walled pipes, and various mold products.
4. Extrusion die
The extruded material tube can process the semi-finished products with different cross-sections into different bmc aluminum profiles according to the production of the material tube, complete the basic forming, and send it to the vulcanizing tank for vulcanization after cooling and forming.
Features: high manufacturing efficiency, stable quality, and manufacturing automation technology

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