How to improve the quality of BMC mold products


The quality of BMC mould products lies in factors such […]

The quality of BMC mould products lies in factors such as press equipment, mould shells, performance parameters and the quality of staff. Among them, the more important thing is the quality of the mold shell. It is necessary to ensure that all products out of the normal processing of SMC mold shells are as consistent as possible with the product design drawings. Therefore, how to manipulate accuracy is becoming more and more critical.
BMC mold product accuracy includes specification accuracy, appearance accuracy and surface roughness, etc. It is a key specification for considering product quality. Naturally, in different applications, the accuracy of BMC mold products will be different.
According to the forming characteristics of BMC mold products, the following aspects are the key elements that endanger the accuracy of BMC mold products:
1. Shrinkage rate of BMC mold raw materials;
2. Design schemes of ribs and embedded parts inserts, etc.;
3. Analysis surface and cutting edge of stamping die;
4. Casting angle of view;
5. The surface roughness of the mold shell.
In general, the design scheme and manufacturing accuracy of the mold shell are the fundamental to ensure the accuracy and quality of the product.

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