The development process and troubleshooting of BMC molded products


The key products of BMC molded products are auto parts, […]

The key products of BMC molded products are auto parts, satellite pot vertical surface, engineering door, composite insulator, terminal block, electric meter box, isolating switch case, professional audio equipment shell, water tank, sanitary ware, table, chair, bench, low-voltage electrical, BMC molded products such as high-speed road anti-glare board, soft methane tank shell, etc.
How to detect faults when bmc molded products are difficult?
1. The first thing to do is to respond quickly. As time delays, the problems will become more complicated. For example, the main parameters of the processing technology will change, the secret recipe of raw materials will also change, and the distributors of rubber and plastic parts may withdraw.
2. The problems in the laboratory must be systematically developed without prejudice, and it will never be necessary to bypass some stages to draw conclusions.
3. Solicit narratives of difficult problems from others, and never allow your own subjective guesswork.
4. To grasp the first-hand information of the problem, we must first seek the analysis of the press and the inspector, and only the on-site inspection of the manufacturing is considered the first.
5. To make a final conclusion to the problem, it is necessary to respond to the characteristics, natural environment, and time of the problem one by one.
6. Based on your own investigation, make a list of reasons that are likely to cause various shortcomings, as the various information content reminded in the text.
7. It is very possible to use this table to logically evaluate its possible development trends, and use the implementation opinions in this chapter to make every effort to correct it. In order to better prevent confusion, as far as possible, only consider at this time For one reason.
BMC is one of the thermosetting plastic composite materials. They were developed in the 1950s and the development trend was in the 1980s. BMC thermosetting plastic composite materials are based on raw and auxiliary materials such as epoxy resin, glass fiber, and fillers. Manufactured by special processing technology, BMC thermosetting plastic composite materials are especially integrated into BMC molded products manufactured by industrialized production of products with more diverse performance requirements and high specifications. BMC molded products are produced and processed according to the BMC molding process.
Bulk molding compound (BMC molded product) is a kind of thermosetting plastic plastic, which is mixed with various inert fillers, chemical fiber improving raw materials, metal catalysts, thickeners and color pastes to produce a kind of plastic injection machine Or the viscose "greasy stain-like" composite material processed by injection molding. The bulk molding compound (BMC molded product) is filled and improved according to the aspect ratio of polyester staple fiber. The glass fiber increases the raw material by 10% to 30%, and the length is generally between 1/32 inch and 1/2 inch (12.5 mm). .
The brushing of the release agent is aimed at inhibiting the forming of the molding compound of the bmc molded product, because sufficient internal release agent has been added to the composition during its configuration, and the product will be cooled and retracted after being ejected and easy to remove Therefore, there is generally no need to brush the external release agent. As everyone knows, because the raw materials of BMC molded products have very good circulation, they may penetrate into the gaps of the connecting surfaces of the forming parts that make up the concave mold during molding, making it difficult to eject the mold, so it is suitable for new production or long-term application of mold Bei, before clamping or after cleaning the mold, it is also beneficial to apply some external release agent to the mold core. Commonly used external release agents are generally paraffin or zinc stearate.

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