BMC mold production design


BMC mold processing technology is an excellent polymer […]

BMC mold processing technology is an excellent polymer material forming method, while mold shells are the basic of SMC processing technology. Excellent product quality is ensured by reliable mold shells. Therefore, in the design of the SMC stamping process, the design of the mold is very important.
When carrying out the BMC mold design program, the concave mold must be designed and manufactured according to the specifications of the product and the forming method. In addition, the suitable stainless steel plate must be selected according to the quality regulations and the required size of the product surface. BMC molds should be selected easy-to-cut, compact, and polished mold steels with good characteristics. Such as P20, 718, 1.2738 (adjustable at will). In addition, it is necessary to fully consider the related problems of production and processing accuracy, manipulation of standard tolerances, dimensional tolerances and surface roughness.
In order to better improve the abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of the SMC mold surface, surface solutions are generally carried out. Stainless steel surface solution is one of the most common ways. Stainless steel can maintain the metallic texture for a long time. It is relatively stable in various acid and alkaline substances and is not easy to produce chemical changes. Stainless steel has excellent wear resistance and high temperature resistance. When the temperature reaches 500 degrees, its appearance and strength have not changed significantly. In addition, the nitriding treatment can further improve the wear resistance.
The parting surface design of the BMC mold should be easy to eject the mold, and the method of simplifying the injection organization can be selected: when the product has high-precision specifications for the axial specifications, the hazard of the thickness of the burr on the accuracy of the SMC product specifications should be considered, and the vertical The parting surface is very easy to ensure the accuracy of product specifications;
The temperature of the BMC mold immediately endangers the quality and productivity of the product. The temperature of the BMC mold design is generally between 140 and 160. The heating system software can be divided into electric heater, steam heating and oil heating. When designing the temperature system software of the mold shell, select a suitable heating method to ensure that the surface temperature of the mold shell is uniform, which can reduce the deformation and improve the reliability of the specifications.
In the BMC mold design, a new generation of mold mobile phone software (CAD/CAM, etc.) is selected to grasp the entire process of stamping molds, manufacturing, installation, inspection, inspection and completion and commissioning, including stamping molds and manufacturing cost estimation, mold installation evaluation, Evaluation of mold parts manufacturing and processing technology, mold design and formability evaluation.

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