Material selection and characteristics of bmc molds


The bmc mold is collectively referred to as the cold bm […]

The bmc mold is collectively referred to as the cold bmc mold, which is a unique process technology. Before the mold is manufactured, a stamping process design plan must be carried out, including the processing process plan, processing process specifications, design drawings, types of machinery and equipment, and economic development cost budgets. In addition, the raw materials of the bmc mold can be metallic materials or non-metallic materials.
First. Material selection of bmc mold.
The material types of bmc molds include steel, cemented carbide, steel, zinc stock funds, low melting point alloys, aluminum bronze, polymer materials, etc. At this stage, the material of bmc molds is mainly steel. Common types include carbon steel, high alloy steel, high carbon steel, high chromium, medium carbon carbon steel, spring steel, base steel, cemented carbide, steel bonded cemented carbide, etc. .
The materials used to produce bmc molds should have high toughness, compressive strength and wear resistance, and have moderate ductility and high heat treatment. In order to better ensure the service life of mold products, raw materials must be selected according to the main purpose of the mold, endurance, production batch number, productivity and operating status.
Second, the characteristics and advantages of the bmc mold.
1. The total number of parts processed by bmc molds per unit time is many times that of general processing methods, and even hundreds to thousands of times. In addition, the stamping process can be used in a group of molds to form a processing method to further improve productivity.
2. Products manufactured with bmc molds have the characteristics of stable quality, strong physical properties, compact structure, good compatibility mode, good wear resistance, easy maintenance, and mass production.
3. The bmc mold material has a high usage rate, and a variety of layout methods such as cross, diagonal, three rows, mixed, jackets, etc. can be selected. Can reduce the material cost of the product.
4. Generally, heating materials are not used in the whole process of high pressure, which not only saves resources, reduces the occupation of heating equipment and space, but also prevents air oxidation, scalding and deformation of the surface of the heating product.
5. BMC molds are widely used, and can handle practical operations that cannot be performed or difficult with general processing methods, and are especially suitable for processing thin, soft, difficult, and micro parts.
The processing technology of the bmc mold is relatively simple, the technical standards for the actual operating staff are not high, and the labor efficiency is low. After a short period of learning and training on the job, employees can start working. In addition, in the operation process, the basic posture of employees is the same, and they will not be harmed by the diversity of products.

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