How to use bmc mold correctly and effectively?


BMC molds are different from ordinary equipment. If use […]

BMC molds are different from ordinary equipment. If used improperly, it will cause health risks to employees. Therefore, the correct use of bmc molds is very important.
1. When using sandblasting, sandblasting, etc. to remove scale, rust, oil stains, salt and other dirt on the workpiece, some dust will be generated and the air will be polluted. Therefore, the bmc mold must be placed in a separate house. It is forbidden to clean in an empty house. Especially during sandblasting, this part should be equipped with strong air inlet and outlet (15-20 times per hour). In addition to the need to establish a general ventilation system to improve working conditions, cleaning and sandblasting equipment should also be mechanized and sealed to minimize dust in the house.
2. When working, do not exceed the allowable pressure of the bmc mold (usually within 6 atmospheres). The working pressure is determined by the boiler inspection agency and displayed on the certificate of each machine
3. When using bmc molds, you should wear work clothes made of thick cloth. Datong has a special air cap (with three layers of laminated glass).
4. Bmc mold operators must receive special technical safety training, but only after passing technical knowledge can they perform certain tasks. Workers should be aware of safety measures to avoid quicksand when moving and placing workpieces on machines whose pressure exceeds atmospheric pressure, as well as safety measures to avoid electric current when working near the transmission mechanism and moving mechanism.

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