Hot press forming mold


The molding process is a new type of composite material […]

The molding process is a new type of composite material molding method, and good product quality is guaranteed by a stable mold. The temperature of the mold directly affects the molding quality and productivity of the finished product, so it is necessary to strictly control the temperature during the mold processing. The heating method of the hot pressing mold mainly adopts electric heating, steam heating and oil heating.

The oil heating of the hot-press forming mold is to heat the heat-conducting oil through the oil temperature machine, and the high-temperature heat-conducting oil is pumped into the pipe of the temperature-receiving equipment through the high-temperature oil pump to form a cycle, and the temperature-control equipment is heated after a period of time. The oil heater of our hot press molding mold can let the heat conduction oil flow into the oil storage tank when changing the mold. At the same time, the self-closing joints are used for the butt connection between the mold oil passage and the oil temperature controller, which is convenient to connect and remove, and it can be completed in tens of seconds. The compression molding oil heating system has a wide range of applications in the compression molding of FRP, carbon fiber, aramid fiber reinforced composite materials, and RTM liquid molding.

Advantages of oil heater for hot pressing mould
1. With operation control and monitoring devices, it can implement automatic control.
2. It can obtain higher working temperature under lower operating pressure.
3. High thermal efficiency, up to 95%, and temperature control accuracy up to 1℃.
4. The equipment is small in size and flexible in installation. It should be installed near the heating equipment.

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