Types and applications of BMC molds


BMC is a small piece of molded plastic. BMC is a thermo […]

BMC is a small piece of molded plastic. BMC is a thermosetting plastic composed of high polymer epoxy resin, various inert fillers, chemical fiber reinforced raw materials, metal catalysts, thickeners and viscous color pastes. BMC is filled with aspect ratio and is reinforced with polyester staple fiber. It is a glass fiber reinforced thermosetting plastic high polymer raw material, which can be used for compression molding shells, plastic molds, etc.

BMC compression molding is used for many industrialized production of complex parts, such as electrical equipment, car parts, electrical appliances and special tool casings. At this stage, Dade Mobe has produced BMC molds in the field of electrical equipment and its shower rooms and the automotive industry, such as BMC car tail light covers, BMC washbasins, BMC electrical boxes, BMC meter boxes, BMC manhole covers.

The mixed practice of BMC can be carried out in a variety of ways. There are three ways to mix laminated glass with paste: continuous extruder screw mixer, sigma blade mixer and plow blade mixer. The whole process of mixing lies in the special product attributes, commodity method and volume.

According to the final application, the chemical substance can be configured to complete the strict specification control, the flame retardant grade, the high volume resistivity, the corrosion resistance and the dirt resistance and the color reliability. BMC's excellent fluidity characteristics make it particularly suitable for various applications that require precision and specification accuracy. The raw material has a variety of colors to list.

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