High pressure processing technology of bmc mold


Please check the normal use of the bmc mold high pressu […]

Please check the normal use of the bmc mold high pressure machine before. There must be no water in the ingredient container and the materials are ready. Generally, the ambient temperature is between 15-30, and the material temperature is around 20 but not more than 27.
Proportion: Black and white composite materials are proportioned as required. 1. Single-component single-sequence pouring, no specific order.
Stirring: Stir at high speed for about 10-15 seconds.
Pouring: Pour into the mold for filling within 10 seconds after mixing. Pouring Kong Bixiu above the object to be filled, the side filling will overflow. After waiting for 3-5 minutes, stop and finish curing within 7-10 minutes.

Advantages of bmc mold production:
1. Good heat insulation effect, light weight, high specific strength and convenient construction.
2. Shockproof, electrical insulation, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, and solvent-resistant. Bmc molds are very hard at room temperature, and the molding process is relatively simple.

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