• Main applications of LTP materials

    Main applications of LTP materials

    Long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFTs) have been used in the automotive industry for semi-structural applications. Their main advantages are attractive cost/performance ratios and relatively low densities. The development of this material has been driven by European ELV (end of life vehicle) le... read more

    Jan 20,2022 News
  • LTF processing technology

    LTF processing technology

    The fiber length of LFT varies with the processing technology. Impact properties are particularly dependent on fiber length, so the compression molding process is significantly better than injection molding in terms of mechanical properties. Generally, fibers that are on average about 5 to 20 mm lon... read more

    Jan 13,2022 News
  • The difference between LFT and other materials

    The difference between LFT and other materials

    1. Comparison of LFT and short glass fiber reinforced plastics Compared with traditional short glass fiber reinforced plastics, the LFT technology with special screw, die and cutter design and sizing agent formula can obtain pellets of more than 12mm. The fiber length is equivalent to the pellet len... read more

    Jan 07,2022 News
  • Introduction of LFT materials

    Introduction of LFT materials

    LFT, long fiber reinforced thermoplastic material, English is Long Fiber reinforced Thermoplastics, is compared with ordinary fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials, under normal circumstances, the fiber length in fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials is less than 1 mm, while in LFT, The length... read more

    Dec 29,2021 News
  • Introduction to the concept of bmc mold forming processing

    Introduction to the concept of bmc mold forming processing

    BMC material is the abbreviation of Bulk (Dough) moldingcompounds, that is, bulk plastic. China is often referred to as unsaturated polyester blob plastic. The key raw materials are GF (short-cut glass fiber), UP (polyurethane resin), MD (filler calcium bicarbonate) and various additives fully mixed... read more

    Dec 24,2021 News
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