Introduction to the use of bmc mold


BMC molds are also called slope protection molds. The s […]

BMC molds are also called slope protection molds. The shape of a retaining wall is a means of transportation that separates the mountains on both sides of the road from the wall of dangerous soil. It is very common on highways and some highways. This concrete product is characterized by cold and heat resistance, and can withstand humidity and outdoor weathering. Especially it can be customized according to your own needs.
BMC molds can be used in a wide range of places, such as roads, rivers, lakes, ponds, fish ponds, roads, nearby houses and buildings, etc. It has the function of preventing landslides and landslides. It is a new type of green environmental protection product. It has a good protective effect in areas with poor soil quality, low soil resistance and frequent earthquakes.
When using bmc molds, the surface can be carefully polished to make it glow. Generally, when a mold is manufactured to remove damaged parts of the surface of the template, especially rust spots caused by rust, the steel mold is rough.
The bmc mold has good durability and can be reused in engineering construction. Under the daily maintenance operation method, the overall quality can still be maintained. In fact, the protection steps for steel molds are very simple, and there are not too many operating links, so you can operate directly during the use of the mold. One of the most obvious protective measures is brushing the surface of the mold. Regardless of whether it is a steel mold or a plastic mold, the mold release agent must be coated on the surface of the template, which can not only speed up the subsequent demolding process, but also prevent the bmc mold from directly contacting the surface of the template. In the production process, clay is used to make the template, so as to avoid a large number of stones directly contacting the mold surface. Once the retaining wall is formed, the mold needs to be cleaned. Spray an appropriate amount of low-concentration professional cleaner on the surface of the mold, leave it for about five minutes, and then carefully clean the surface with a brush or cloth. After rinsing with clean water, the entire bmc mold set can be used or coated with a protective agent and stored in the warehouse.

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