What are the main types of injection molds?


1. Single parting surface injection mold When the mold […]

1. Single parting surface injection mold
When the mold is opened, the movable and fixed molds are separated to take out the plastic parts. Such a mold is called a single parting surface mold, and it can also be called a double-plate mold. This is a basic form of injection mold. It can be designed into a single-cavity injection mold according to requirements, or it can be designed into a multi-cavity injection mold according to requirements. This kind of injection mold is widely used.
2. Double parting surface injection mold
The double-parting surface injection mold has two parting surfaces. Compared with the above single-parting surface injection mold, the double-parting surface injection mold has an additional intermediate plate in the fixed part that can be moved locally, so the double-parting surface injection molding The mold can also be referred to as a three-plate injection mold. The double parting surface injection mold is a single cavity or multi-cavity injection mold commonly used for point gate feeding.
When the mold is opened, the middle plate is on the guide column of the fixed mold, and is separated from the fixed template by a certain distance, so that the pouring system condensate can be easily taken out between the two templates. The structure of the double parting surface injection mold is relatively complex, the manufacturing cost is relatively high, and the parts are difficult to process, so it is usually not used for the molding of large plastic products.
3. Injection molds with movable molding parts in the mold
Due to certain structures of plastic parts, it is required that the injection mold be provided with movable molding parts. For example: movable punch, movable die, movable insert, movable thread core or ring, etc. When demoulding, it can be moved out of the mold together with the plastic part, and then separated from the plastic part.
4. Automatic thread unloading injection mold
For threaded plastic parts, when automatic demolding is required, a threaded core or ring that can be rotated can be provided on the mold. Use the mold opening action or the rotation mechanism of the injection molding machine, or set up a special transmission device, so as to drive the threaded core or the threaded ring to rotate, and the plastic part is released in this way.
5. No runner injection mold
This kind of mold adopts the method of thermal insulation heating to the runner to keep the plastic between the nozzle and the cavity of the injection molding machine in a molten state, so that when the mold is opened and the plastic part is taken out, there is no congealing system in the pouring system.
6. The injection mold of the demolding mechanism on the fixed mold
In many injection molds, the ejection device is installed on the side of the movable mold, which is more convenient for the ejector device in the mold opening and closing system of the injection molding machine. In actual production, because some plastic parts are limited by the shape, it is better to leave the plastic parts on the side of the fixed mold for molding. In this way, the plastic parts are released from the mold, and a mold release mechanism needs to be provided on the side of the fixed mold.

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