The molding process of SMC and the application of SMC material in auto parts


What is the SMC compression molding process? Compressio […]

What is the SMC compression molding process?
Compression molding of SMC is a hot compression molding process, which can produce high-strength and complex parts of various sizes. By placing the SMC material in the open cavity and then closing the mold, it is transformed into a molded shape by applying pressure and temperature of up to 2,000 psi. The cycle time is about 1-5 minutes, depending on the size and thickness of the SMC part. The characteristics of the molded SMC parts are accurate size and shape, excellent finishing surface, and extremely low finishing cost.

The SMC material is cured through an irreversible chemical reaction under heat and pressure. The result of this reaction is a highly cross-linked molecular structure, which can maintain its properties at high temperatures.

Application of SMC material in auto parts

SMC is a new type of material. Auto parts made of this material have the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and dimensional stability. The advent of SMC materials has greatly promoted the development of the automotive industry. The development of industry has pushed SMC to a new level. Its advantages such as mass production and low cost have been valued by more and more automobile manufacturers.

The sheet is made on the SMC forming unit, and the upper and lower parts of the sheet are covered with film. After curing, a certain amount is weighed and placed in the SMC mold, and molded on the press. The production cycle is generally about 5 minutes, and the fastest is only Use 30s. Even complex products can be molded at one time. Therefore, SMC also has the advantages of saving manpower, reducing processing procedures, and facilitating mass production. SMC materials have been widely used in automotive materials instead of steel.

Automotive parts of various sizes and shapes can be manufactured using SMC, such as the following SMC automotive molds:

Suspension parts molds: front and rear bumpers, dashboards, etc.
Body parts mold: roof, floor, door, spoiler, SMC sunshade, trunk cover, engine cover, seat, headlight reflector.
Engine cover parts mold: air conditioner casing, air duct cover, intake duct cover, fan ring, heater cover, water tank parts, brake system parts, battery bracket, engine noise damping disc.


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