The difference between LFT and other materials


1. Comparison of LFT and short glass fiber reinforced p […]

1. Comparison of LFT and short glass fiber reinforced plastics
Compared with traditional short glass fiber reinforced plastics, the LFT technology with special screw, die and cutter design and sizing agent formula can obtain pellets of more than 12mm. The fiber length is equivalent to the pellet length, making the glass The fiber has a longer glass fiber length in the final product. In general short fiber reinforcement, after the three processes of screw, injection port, and flow in the cavity, the length of the fiber drops very sharply. The average length of the fiber in the final product is less than 1mm, so the mechanical properties of the product are affected. Help is very limited, and LFT technology, regardless of whether it is molding or injection molding, the average length of the glass fiber in the final test product is still not less than 4mm, so the mechanical properties of the product are greatly improved. Compared with short fiber reinforced structural parts, it has better impact resistance, creep resistance and better heat resistance.
2. Comparison of LFT and metal
Compared with metal materials, LFT materials have very low density and very high specific strength, product processing methods are more flexible, material recovery rate is high, compared with the cost of materials, the functionality and integrity of the components are high, LFT Compared with expensive metal impact equipment and molds, the cost of parts processing equipment such as extruders, injection or presses, punching and installation equipment, and molds is very low, especially for models with small production batches. LFT also reflects excellent economic efficiency. Therefore, compared with steel structural parts, LFT reduces the weight of the product a lot, and has the combined performance of parts, which can reduce costs.
3. Comparison of LFT and GMT
LFT sheet is a new generation of thermoplastic composite material after GMT (Glass Fiber Mat Reinforced Thermoplastic) sheet. It is composited with long glass fiber as the reinforcing material and polypropylene (PP), PA, PET, etc. as the matrix material. Become.
Compared with CMT sheet, LFT sheet has the following outstanding advantages:
1. The sheet has good fluidity during the pressing process.
2. The price of sheet material is lower.
3. The performance of the material is basically the same as that of GMT.
If customers have higher requirements for the impact resistance of the material, our company will provide high impact resistance models of LFT sheets for their needs.
4. Comparison between LFT and SMC
The manufacturing process of the LFT sheet is very similar to the SMC (sheet molding material) in the thermosetting composite glass fiber reinforced plastic. The same is made by pressing a sheet in a mold. LFT is a hard sheet that is heated and softened and then cold-pressed in a mold, while SMC is a cold-pressed soft sheet that is placed in the mold and then hot-pressed.
Compared with SMC sheet, the technical performance of LFT sheet has the following advantages:
1. It is non-toxic and tasteless, which can improve the working environment.
2. Lightweight, with a density of only 1~1.2g/cm3.
3. Leftovers and waste products can be recycled to minimize waste.
4. The strength is higher than that of SMC, and the impact toughness is particularly outstanding.
5. Corrosion resistance and better electrical performance.
6. The product pressing speed is several times faster than SMC, and the production efficiency is greatly improved

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