LFT Mould For Architecture Equipment


Mold 326 Figment molds are often hard to use for amateu […]

Mold 326
Figment molds are often hard to use for amateurs and beginners. They require cutting and sanding to get the right shape and size. However, LFT Mold 326 for architecture equipment is easy to use. The mold comes with pieces that you need to build models. It is recommended that you read the instructions carefully before using it.

To use Mold #326, you should first lay out the pieces on a table with a 3' by 2' surface. You should start with the upper left corner piece and then work your way down to the right. Then, you should sort the pieces into the right order. This will prevent any bubbles from forming during the pouring process.

Mold 327
Mold 327 is one of the most popular molds used in architecture equipment. It comes with a variety of pieces. Beginners may have trouble building with this mold because of the large number of pieces. To get the most out of this mold, you should start by assembling the pieces in the correct order and labeling each one.

The Mold 327 comes with more pieces than the Mold 326, making it more difficult to use. It should be used in conjunction with Mold 326. The mold also features a channel for 5/16" vinyl tubing. This can be painted to look like liquid tubes. Then, you can use the mold to create a realistic-looking window.

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