Installation steps and precautions of bmc mold


In the process of bmc installation and production, bmc […]

In the process of bmc installation and production, bmc mold installation is a task. If the bmc mold is installed in place, it can provide equipment performance and extend the service life; if it is not installed in place, a series of failures will occur.

Installation steps of bmc mold

1. Take out the upper indenter of the bmc mold and place it on the bmc workbench. A support plate should be placed at the bottom. After touching the upper part of the upper indenter, the slider slowly descends and stops working. Adjust the connecting screw hole of the upper indenter to align with the connecting hole of the lower part of the slider, and fix it with screws.
2. Move the slider and the cylinder upwards to provide enough space for the installation of the lower indenter, transport the lower indenter to the shaker door, adjust the connection size, and fix it
3. Take out the tray on the workbench, the lower pressure head of bmc slowly rises, and the upper pressure head slowly drops. After entering the cavity completely, stop pressurizing, check the connection error and fit error of the bmc mold, and reinforce the screw after meeting the requirements
4. When the equipment is running without load, check whether the bmc mold and cavity are worn or abnormal noise, and adjust to a stable state
5. After the bmc mold is installed, you need to manually operate the equipment to check the quality and appearance of the blue brick. Only when the requirements are met, can the automatic working mode of bmc be adjusted to achieve continuous operation.

Precautions for bmc mold installation

1. The design of the bmc mold should be determined according to the bmc structure to ensure that it overlaps with the equipment line and that the force of the mold is even;
2. The bmc mold should have hoist rings to facilitate the transportation and installation of the bmc mold;
3. The installation of bmc Now, the contact part of the bmc mold and the equipment must be cleaned, check whether the connection size is consistent, so as to avoid reprocessing after installation
4. The support equipment before disassembling the equipment provides a lot of space for the installation of the bmc mold
5. The bmc mold should be supported by the tray to avoid falling or falling off during the installation process;
6. The bmc mold of bmc consists of upper and lower indenters and modules, which should be installed separately;
7. When installing, all the parts of the bmc mold should be fixed first, and must not be fixed in place at one time. Adjust according to the situation;
8. After the bmc mold is installed in place, you need to observe the working status of the bmc after the trial operation, and adjust the bmc mold accordingly.
The above is the bmc after the bmc mold is installed, and it works stably. It can be seen from the appearance of the adobe that the installation is still in place and the entire production process is not interrupted.
It can be seen from the above introduction that the installation of bmc molds is relatively simple, but the skills and experience requirements of the installers are relatively high. Operators without relevant training are not allowed to adjust at will, and should be guided by the manufacturer or professional technicians.

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