• The Debugging-Free Air Deflector Mould

    The Debugging-Free Air Deflector Mould

    The debugging-free Air Deflector Mould is a mold that is suitable for the melt-blowing die. The mold consists of two parts, the spinneret plate, and the runner plate. They both include a spinning hole that is 0.2 mm in diameter. Air deflectors are used to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency. Th... read more

    Sep 30,2022 News
  • Manufacturing of carbon fiber molds

    Manufacturing of carbon fiber molds

    The Carbon Fiber Mold market is a high-growth industry, driven by the increasing use of carbon composite materials in aerospace and automotive industries. The market is highly fragmented, with regional and local players playing a vital role. The aerospace and automotive industries are expected to wi... read more

    Sep 23,2022 News
  • Thermoset Mold

    Thermoset Mold

    Thermoset molds are an ideal choice for many applications. This type of molding is very durable and is also able to withstand high temperatures. They are a great choice for automobile manufacturers of coatings and adhesives. Thermoset polymers are often used in automotive applications. Thermoset pla... read more

    Sep 15,2022 News
  • LFT Mould

    LFT Mould

    The LFT Mould is designed for high-volume injection moulding applications. Designed with accuracy and consistency in mind, it offers excellent shot precision and consistency. Its first-in-first-out melt transfer principle enables the correct shot dosing. Furthermore, the plunger injection unit requi... read more

    Sep 08,2022 News
  • What are the factors to consider when buying a car battery cover mold?

    What are the factors to consider when buying a car battery cover mold?

    Buying a new car battery cover mold may seem like a daunting task, but you need to consider some important factors. The first factor is the warranty. Some molds are available for life and some are only good for a year. If you buy the mold from a reputable manufacturer, it is likely to be covered und... read more

    Sep 02,2022 News
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