Features of BMC injection mold


Features of BMC injection mold BMC is a general term fo […]

Features of BMC injection mold

BMC is a general term for glass fiber-reinforced unsaturated fat poly-cooled thermosetting plastics, and it is a high-consumption thermosetting plastic at this stage.

BMC has excellent process performance, electrical equipment characteristics and physical properties, so its application is very common, such as transmission components, air inlets, check valves, bumpers and other mechanical parts for seismic grade, flame retardancy, beautiful appearance, and durability Degree of airlines, engineering construction, furniture, etc.

BMC injection molding machinery and equipment are applied for at BMC. Because of the addition of glass fiber, the applied machinery and equipment are somewhat different from general thermosetting plastic injection molding machinery and equipment. The applied injection molding machines, plunger and screw compressors can all be used.

One is the feeding system software. Whether it is a screw compressor or a plunger type, an extrusion-type feeding device must be upgraded to force the raw material into the barrel. This type of feeding device usually uses a plunger type feeding device.

The second is the injection system software. Because the injection precision of the plunger type plastic machine is accurate and stable, the glass fiber is dispersed very little in the wear-resistant material. Therefore, the plunger type plastic machine is used more, but the exhaust pipe is troublesome.

The third is the heating system software. Manipulating the temperature of the barrel is very important in the whole process of BMC injection molding. There must be an automatic control system to control the temperature to ensure the best temperature from the feeding section to the nozzle. Nowadays, temperature-controlled water or temperature-controlled oil is often used for heating. Electric heaters can also be used.

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